Pregnancy – The ugly truth !

Pregnancy is still very fresh in my mind as Emilia is only 15 weeks young !

When I was expecting Noah I had such a wonderfully smooth , easy pregnancy up until about 30 weeks when SPD kicked in 🙁 So when I found out I was expecting Emilia I really thought it would all be that easy again ! Unfortunately from 12 weeks I found it to be the complete opposite of Noah . I could barely walk with SPD and felt like an old lady who could barely walk half through the local shopping centre before I collapsed in a heap on the nearest bench !!! I mean this is not normal for me I have often shopped for ten hours straight 😉 Also being the stubborn person that I am , I refused to ask for help or go to my GP ! Which in hindsight was not a good idea !

I don’t think I slept at all from 6 months onwards and lets be honest 15 weeks later and I still can’t sleep .

I also had low Iron levels with really affected my energy levels , there were days at work that I actually could not make myself type 🙁 I had really bad dizzy spells and shortness of breath and was escorted out of the building by my manager and friend Niamh . I was off of work for 8 weeks before I had Emilia and to be honest I was glad in the end it was a scheduled C Section as I just could not have faced another long labour !

This post is not to scare you or turn you off pregnancy but more to tell people the reality of what it is really like ! I felt I had to put on a brave face , saying I am doing great whenever I was asked , What I really wanted to say was no I am not fine I am wrecked , sore and fed up ! It is perfectly fine and normal to feel that way and don’t let anyone tell you any different 😉 And yes there will always be someone worse off than you but you know what ? Its all relative and your feelings should not be dismissed because someone feels your not as sick as they are ( I don’t intend to offend anyone ! )

Babies …. They are worth every ache , pain , stretch mark and scar and to be honest I wouldn’t be put off doing it all again ….. Though not right now !!!



L xx

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