Books , books and more books !

Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him.

–Maya Angelou

The number one thing you need to know about me is the fact that I love books ! I love the smell of a new book , imagining what the characters look like and getting lost in a really good story . I can not read a book on a kindle , call me old fashioned or out of touch but in my view nothing can beat the real deal ! To this day the smell of a new book will transport me back to Christmas morning .

When I was little santa always brought the most beautiful books … Elaborate illustrations and always hard back ! The books dreams are made of ( well in my world 😉 ) . One year I got the entire Mallory Towers collection in one huge hardback book , which I was very happy about ! I had a huge collection of classics that I collected every month in a magazine subscription , The Railway Children , Little Women etc . I loved these books so much and must have read them a hundred times !

So it comes as no surprise that I wanted to pass on my love of reading to my children . I have been collecting books for Noah from the moment I found out I was pregnant . From the day we brought them home from hospital we have been reading to them every night and already we can see the benefits of doing this  ( ) . He loves to sit on his rug and listen to a story and there are some days we end up reading 7 books before he starts to try and read them back to us.

Our house is starting to resemble a library , though that is not the worst thing that could happen . At the moment Noah is being drawn back to the same books over and over again . One Ted Falls out of bed has been read so many times that his daddy knows it off by heart 🙂 We have had so much fun sourcing new books and have recently started a Christmas collection that we can read every year . If you are looking for books for your kids then I highly recommend TK MAXX they have the best books and are very reasonable . I think we can all safely say that the gift of reading is the best gift of all .

Let me know what books your kids like to read 🙂


L xx






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