Battle with ourselves !

Weight …. The subject we all discuss , joke and think about daily . It has been a subject I have thought about daily since I was 18  . I am an emotional eater which kind of sucks when you are a highly emotional person !

I am well known for starting a diet on a Monday morning and then ditching it by lunchtime . I would eat so much junk and then feel absolutely sickened with myself for eating everything . The internal dialogue when you battle with food is horrendous – You would be eating food and at the same time be cross at yourself for having no self control !

I went on a huge weight loss drive when I was getting married …… only because my wedding dress had been ordered in the wrong size by the bridal shop ….. the stress !!!  I joined Weight Watchers and lost 3 stone . I was losing weight but for the wrong reasons. Losing weight to fit in a dress but not thinking about long term health and well being .

Once I had Emilia , I decided that I need to lose weight to be healthy , not to fit some crazy magazine idea of what a woman should look like. I realised that I now have a daughter who will one day start to mimic what I do and say . I want her to believe that she is good enough , healthy enough and strong enough to take on the world. I want her to know that being healthy is better than being a certain size. I do not want her to battle the scales , in fact , I would rather she never knew what the scales even were.

I am starting to change the language that I use , for example,  I no longer use the term Fat . I just hope that we as parents do enough to build up her confidence that no one including herself can knock her down. Hopefully by the time she is a teenager magazines and TV programmes will realise that just because someone is a size zero does not mean that they are healthy .

I have recently joined Slimming World to help kick start my new healthy lifestyle . I have met some amazing women who are so strong and have made amazing changes in their lives. With their help I have lost 21.5 lbs in 10 weeks . This is just a number but it has put me on the right path to making a permanent change to not just my weight but also to change my mind set . I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings on this !

L xx


Photo Credit : Clare O Rorke Photography

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