Fears for our children .

Before I had children I never really worried about what the future would bring for me or worry endlessly about the horrible things that happen in the world.

I remember distinctly when this fear and worry started . Noah was a week old and I woke up in the middle of the night thinking ” He will one day have to live without me ” . Yes , I know it is not rational and that we have many , many years together before that will even become a genuine worry. I think the fear comes from the huge responsibility that is child rearing . The fear that you are not doing it right .

I worry about the world that we have brought our children into . That they may never see a world in peace. I worry that we will not be able to equip them with the skills they need to survive outside of our cocoon . I worry that they won’t have friends , be bullied , be unhappy and most of all I worry that I will not be able to provide them with the life that they deserve.

Yes , I know I am crazy 😉 But since becoming a parent I genuinely can not prevent these thoughts from creeping in ! I know my Children are healthy and happy . I also know I have no control over outside situations . I guess the fear of the unknown becomes stronger when you have other people to look after. I am working on keeping these fears from taking over but like everything else it is a work in progress !

Has anybody else experienced this or is it just me ?


L xx


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