Holiday Reading !


I use my holidays as an opportunity to read as I find that between working long hours , 2 small kids and general life make it nearly impossible to get any offline reading done ! usually I am pretty good at choosing books and do my research but this year I just rushed into Easons and picked up the first two books I saw , now honestly I much prefer getting books from Book Depository as there is such a wide variety to choose from but you know needs must and all that ! I picked up After You РJo Jo Moyes and I  found my tribe РRuth Fitzmaurice РBoth books could not be more different from each other !

After You – This is a sequel to Me before you and is set 18 months after Wills Death .

The Good Bits : This is an easy read , a perfect holiday read that is not too taxing on the sleep deprived parental brain ūüėČ I found the depiction of a bereaved Louisa to be spot on in terms of how some people hide themselves away and put their lives on hold after a death of a loved one .There are some very funny , slightly moving bits in the book .

The Not So Good Bits : I found it very “samey” , there really was not much in this book that made it stand out and be counted , now I know it has been an extremely popular book but to be honest I would not be rushing out to buy the follow up on it !


I Found My Tribe РThis is part memoir , part open letter to her husband about their lives and how they are living with his diagnosis of Motor Neurone disease .

The Good Bits : This is such an emotionally raw book , Ruth sweeps you along with her memories of how she met her husband , their life pre disease and their now chaotic existence with 5 kids and a house full of Nurses . She is a very descriptive writer , it easy to imagine the sea that she is standing in front of , the room she is sitting in . To me she seems Stoic in her dealings with the hand they were dealt. The sea is a huge part of this book and all of their lives .

The Not So Good Bits : It can be a hard read ,especially if you have been touched by this disease , it has actually taken me a few weeks to finish it .

I would highly recommend this book to anyone !


L xx

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