Emilia turns 2 !


It only feels like yesterday that I was announcing Emilia’s birth to friends and family and suddenly we are here watching her turn 2 ! When people used to say “oh enjoy them while they are small , time flies ” I thought they were crazy but now , oh man does it fly ! I am frantically trying to grasp on to every last little drop of toddler πŸ™
I am not ready for my smallest to be so grown up ! She has gone from crying for 10 / 12 hours a day to strutting around wearing her sunnies and carry her handbag that her nana bought her , she has more attitude than BeyoncΓ© and is tougher than any UFC fighter πŸ˜‰
She can fight her own corner , knows her own mind and by god if you dare say no she has the mother of all strops but she is funny , happy and her smile will always get her out of trouble ( especially with her daddy ! ) . I have so many hopes and dreams for her but I am safe in knowing she will be the one climbing the highest mountains in life , she has already asked for a motorbike from Santa so god only knows what the next 15 years will be like πŸ˜‰
We may have had the rockiest of starts in life but I absolutely can not be without her and her funny ways ( and secretly Noah can not be without her either ! ) . She loves , and , is loved fiercely by everyone she knows .
She sings Let It Go with gusto and really gets into the moment when watching films πŸ˜€
Our lives would be so dull without her ( tantrums and eye rolls included ! )

So Emilia Grace – We love you Always x

L xx


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