Saturday Wanderings- The French Addition


We have just returned back from a quick family holiday in the Vendee area of France ! Myself and J absolutely love France and even incorporated Biarritz into our honeymoon , so we could not wait to introduce the kids to the Blue Sky and long beaches of France .

From the moment they set foot on the Ferry in Cork the kids excitement was at all an time high , they spent a good hour running around the Helipad like loons !


Ferry Lessons :

  1. Bring your own food – Food on the ferry is expensive ( especially when your kids eat a thousand times an hour 😉 )
  2. Bring a universal charger – The Port Aven only had French connections .
  3. Bring a bag each with all the essentials – Nothing worse than leaving the nappies or wipes behind in the car 😉
  4. Check the cabin you are booking is suitable for the number of people / ages  we had bunk beds … you know how well that went 😀 )

The drive itself on the other side is long one but the kids totally loved the adventure of it all and were really taken by the fields of Artichokes , Sunflowers and all of the crazy bridges !! There are so many service stops and little towns along the way and to be honest if you are travelling with small kids then this is badly needed !

Car Lessons :

  1. We had a small tub of toys for each of the kids to keep them occupied .
  2. Keep snacks , water , wipes and nappies in easy reach !
  3. Keep spare clothes in car , saves you digging out the boot !
  4. Have Sat Nav ( on your phone or an actual sat nav )
  5. Have a map as back up
  6. Do not ask your tired wife to interpret said sat nav while going over the scariest bridge in the world 😉

We booked our Mobile home through Eurocamps , we found this to be the easiest and quickest way to book the campsite as we had never done it before ( We will probably book independently next year !)  . We deliberately chose a smaller camp site in St Jean Du Mont as we did not want to spend the week on an overly busy and hectic site – If this is more you thing then there are huge ones in this area to chose from . The one thing I found was that our mobile was a little dated and our decking was in the shade for 90% of the day and while that suited J and the kids it really bugged me as I like the sun 😉 I was also annoyed at the fact that the handymen came to fix a rotting decking board while we were there , I mean this could have be done before we arrived !

Campsite Lessons :

  1. If you have small kids , visit the pool early in the morning , they will have more fun and not be at risk of drowning by the over zealous teenagers 😉
  2. Stock up on BBQ food , wine , beer and snacks .. the kids will need naps and you will need food !
  3. Bring the kids bikes , everyone cycles everywhere on holidays !
  4. Expect the kids to wake at least an hour earlier on holidays than they do at home 😉
  5. Look at booking the campsite independently , Eurocamps is only ok !

All in all , we adored our French adventure ! I would highly recommend France as a holiday destination for families with kids of all ages , the French are very family friendly and there are so many activities that kids would love ( Ziplining , Horse riding , Go karting , Hiking , Cycling , Swimming and much much more )


Have any of you been to France , any tips we have missed ?


L xx


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