French Foodie Series – Beef Bourguignon

Many moons ago Jonathan and I headed to Paris after what can only be described as one of the worst few weeks of my life , my beloved nana had passed away as well as 2 young people I had been friendly with . The trip had been a gift from J that Christmas . So with a heavy heart we set off for Paris which has always been one of our favourite places to go . We arrived during one of the coldest spells to hit Europe , it was a cold that literally took your breath away . We spent many hours wandering around the most beautiful streets eating Crepes with little snow flakes falling around us … I mean you actually could not get more romantic 😉 The funniest memory of that trip away was when we had to duck into the only restaurant that was open to get out of the cold , it was empty and very Fawlty Towers like ! I ordered the warmest dish I could find on the menu and that happened to be Beef Bourguignon , what arrived at the table was the most delicious , steaming and warming bowl of food I have ever eaten . I can still taste the creamy mash , tender beef , hum of garlic and the distinctive aroma of red wine . All these years later and this dish still soothes my soul , they say food brings you back to a particular moment and this dish most definitely brings me back to that moment , sitting across from the man who would become my husband , the man who had brought me through the roughest time . I have made this a lot through the years since and it most definitely a firm family favourite , Noah will tell you that it is scrumptious 😉 I do this in the slow cooker so it is a perfect winters day recipe for when you get in from work !

Ingredients :

Streaky Bacon

Stewing beef



Chestnut Mushrooms

Tomato Puree

Beef stock


Red wine ( 2 glasses )

S & P

Thyme ( fresh if possible )

Method :

  1. Cook off your streaky bacon ( I dice mine first ) to render the fat
  2. Remove bacon and seal your beef
  3. Cook off your mushrooms and onions
  4. Place all cooked off ingredients into slow cooker
  5. Add your seasoning , red wine , stock , carrots and thyme
  6. Stir and add tomato puree and garlic
  7. cook on low for 8 hours ( alternatively high for 4 hours )
  8. Serve with parsley on top and some creamy mash

This is a beautifully warming dish that I promise will be a hit with the entire family !


Let me know what you think ,

L xx




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