French Foodie Series – Onion Soup

The first time I went to France I was only 16 and went on a school trip . I thought I was so cool going away without my parents and conveniently forgetting that our every move would be watched by eagle eyed teachers 😉 It was on this trip that I discovered that the French just about cook their beef , eat bread and cheese with nearly every meal and that Pain au Chocolate is an acceptable breakfast companion !!! It was also here that my love affair with France began and it was the beautiful food , with simple , yet high quality ingredients that was the icing on the cake and even at 16 I knew this was the food I wanted to eat in my life !

So it is no surprise that this weeks recipe is French Onion Soup ! I mean this is the most wonderful of soups , with the most beautifully simple ingredients ! I thin it also helps that there is cheese and bread thrown in 😉

Ingredients :

Onions ( I use a 1kg bag )

Garlic ( as much as you like )


Beef Stock ( 1 litre )

Good quality olive oil


Cheese ( whatever cheese you fancy ! )

Method :

  1. Add your onions and garlic to your pan ( to your heated oil 😉 )
  2. I like to add some cracked black pepper at this stage and cook on a low heat fro about 50 -60 minutes , I keep an eye to make sure they are not catching on the pan and that they start to caramelise .
  3. Once the onions have started to caramelise I add my beef stock and season with some salt ( if needed ) . I let this simmer for about 10 -12 minutes .
  4. Once the soup is ready , we get to do the fun bit , I had the toasted baguette to the bowl of soup and top with cheese ( usually it is what ever cheese we have in the house ! )
  5. Pop under the grill until the cheese is beautifully brown and bubbly !

This is the easiest and the tastiest soup you can make and my kids loved it . You can also make this in the slow cooker which means you can come home after a long day to the most beautiful aroma in your house !!

I love when the dishes you make only have a few beautiful ingredients !!

Let me know your favourite soups or if you would like to see some more of our family favourite soups !

L xx



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