December Girl – Book Review


I was lucky enough to receive a copy of December Girl the debut novel of Author Nicola Cassidy to review recently and boy was I lucky ! I read this book over a night and a half as I literally could not put it down .

The Synopsis

Molly Thomas is a feisty , independent soul , born on the Winter Solstice . A every stage of her life she has faced trouble . As a Young Woman her family are evicted from their home at Christmas. Molly swears her vengeance on the jealous neighbour and land agent responsible , Flann Montgomery. Then in 1896 her baby son is taken from his pram . While Molly searches the streets for her little Oliver , the police are called but her baby is gone .

What I thought

Well if you have read my twitter or Instagram over the last day or so you will you see that I absolutely LOVED this book , to be honest , historical fiction is not my usual go to genre but this novel got me invested in Molly from the very start .You really feel for Molly in the opening chapter when her baby boy Oliver is taken , you can feel her heartache and her sense of loss , Nicola really pulls you into the character . I particularly loved the division of the book and how this gave a real depth to the various back stories . Nicola’s writing really brings you into the era , allows you to discover the various elements of the characters and the locations , it is hard to believe that this is a debut novel as it has all the hallmarks of a seasoned author.

I think this book would appeal to any reader as it does have something for everyone , engaging characters , a storyline that leaves you hoping the book was twice as long and if you like Historical / Irish fiction then it is the perfect package ! I really think we will be hearing a lot more from Nicola Cassidy – If you want to read more from Nicola then I highly recommend you follow her blog .

You can purchase December Girl from Amazon currently on Kindle Unlimited for £1.99 , Book Depository ( my favourite ha ha ) or from selected book shops .


I really hope you enjoy the book as much as I did !


L xx


  • Book was received for review – Opinions as always are my own !

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