Primark Beauty -Worth the hype ?!



I have heard alot of chatter from beauty bloggers over the last few months surrounding the Primark beauty range , now I generally take this buzz with a pinch of salt but I was genuinely ntrigued to see if cheaper products from a high street retailer could be any good !

I bought a few basic products to test out (ranging from €4 to €7 ) from both the day range and the night range !

From the day range I have been using the Anti Ageing Serum and the Hydration Boost Eye Gel . The first thing that struck me with the Anti Ageing Serum was the packaging ! Weird I know but I do like good packaging ! It is very modern and sleek , also loving the pump !! The serum itself feels very hydrating and sinks into the skin straight away … I have worn this with moisturiser and works equally well under make up !

The Eye Gel feels slightly heavier than the serum but soaks in just as quickly , it sits perfectly under make up as well which I found great – Was I wowed ?! Honestly , I was a little underwhelmed by the two day products that I used which is disappointing as I was really hoping I would love them !

From the night range I tried the Restoring Night Serum and the Rejuvenating Night cream ! Again , I really like the packaging as it feels more luxurious than expected ! The Restoring Night Serum is a very light product that feels very hydrating and sinks into the skin straight away just like the day Serum ! The Rejuvenating Night Cream is a very thick cream which is great for night time and I must say I found my skin was lovely and hydrated the next morning ! Was I wowed ?! YES !! I much preferred the two night products that I used and I really feel they do some work on my skin ! I will for sure repurchase these two items and use with my own normal products !


Have you tried any of this range ?!

L xx


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