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One of the things I always do post Christmas is buy loads of skincare gift sets in the sales , it is a great way to try out products and not break the bank !! I came across a Trilogy mini set in a local chemist , I love the Trilogy Rosehip oil so was looking forward to trying out these !

I got a Moisturiser , Cleansing balm and a serum in the set I think it was €9 down from €18.99 – They are little travel sizes and to be honest if I had spent €18.99 I would have been annoyed at their size !

So without further ado lets go through the products !

Vital Moisturising Cream ( Rosehip)

This is described as an everyday essential for all skin types , it carries the Rosehip scent and I found it to be quite heavily scented so if you are not a fan of scented moisturiser then I would advise stay clear ! This cream is slightly heavy in consistency , not as light as some day creams would be so it takes slightly longer to sink into your skin than I would have expected ,  I  am not going to lie , I did not find this cream to be any way enjoyable to use , my skin felt tacky for a good while after which meant if you were wearing make up after applying it you would have to wait for a bit for it to sink in , my skin felt a little softer after but not as much as I would have expected really . I tried this every day for about 4 weeks and unfortunately this was a complete miss for me !

Rosapene Radiance Serum

I LOVE Serums ! I have so many different types that I love and swop them out every 4 weeks so I can really get to know if and how they work for my skin ( I am not a skin expert but this works for me ! ) So when I saw this set had a Serum it was a winner for me !  The blurb on this one says it smoothes and deeply Nourishes , while I can say it felt lovely on my skin after 4 weeks I can not really see any difference in my over all skin ! It is  lovely light Serum , sinks in quite easily and quickly , however , there are better Serums on the market that are cheaper and work better . I would not say this was a complete miss and I will finish the bottle that I have , I would not be re purchasing it !

Make Up Be Gone Cleansing Balm

Cleansing Balms are a god send for me , I love the way your skin feels after and use them as part of a double cleanse ( most days !) . My two favourites are the Emma Hardie and Eve Lom ones ( The Eve Lom I got in a beauty box thankfully as it is QUITE expensive ! ) This Cleansing Balm works in the same way as the others and is quite effective at removing make up , there is no scent as such to this so it is a nicer experience than the moisturiser ! It is an ok enough product , not sure if I would re purchase though !

Overall I was pretty disappointed with these  products and there are none that I would re purchase , I do need to stress that you may find these products great for you skin but I really wanted to give an honest opinion on them ! The Rosehip oil is and always has been the star of the show for this brand !


Let me know your thoughts on these if you have tried them !




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