Glossier – Worth the hype ?


For anyone who has not been following every blogger / vlogger over the last few months probably have not heard of Glossier , though I doubt any beauty lover has avoided reading or hearing all about this popular brand ! The brand was created by The Hills Alumni Emily Weiss – Remember The Hills ?? Emily was the arch nemesis of Lauren ( I feel really old now ha ha ) Their products are supposed to give a “your skin but better ” look and I love a natural make up look !

I was very curious to try the brand after  seeing Fleur and Anna from The Anna Edit rave about the Milky Jelly Cleanser ( two of my fave Blogger / Vloggers ) , the downside of this brand is that it is not readily available in Ireland , I used  the An Post Address Pal ( Click  Here ) to order these ( They ship to the US and UK ) using a UK address , the service was super quick and they keep you up to date on the location of your order through out , I would highly recommend it ! Oh and this is NOT and ad for Address Pal ha ha

I bought 6 products , in my defence 5 came in two money saving bundles !


The first product I have been trying out is the Infamous Milky Jelly Cleanser , this is the product that all the beauty vloggers in the world have been talking about for months ! I adore this , it gets my skin so clean ! When you use it your face feels really clean and a little tight but not in a bad way , it really is a strange feeling to convey in words so all I can say is trust me ! It takes off even the most stubborn of mascara and eye make up . I usually use this at night to remove make up , I use 2 pumps and massage into my skin , I then use a muslin cloth to wipe the cleanser off . I will most definitely be repurchasing this as I really do love it !

The second product came as part of the phase 1 bundle I had bought was the Priming Moisturizer – This is touted as both a moisturiser for every day use and as a primer for under make up . This is a nice enough moisturiser , it has no chemical smell , sinks in quite quickly to the skin but for me it would not be a stand out product , pleasant to use  ,but ,  I did not think it was a good primer or a product that I would repurchase .

The last product in the Phase 1 bundle was the Balm dotcom . I fricking love this ! It is a thick formula ( think Dr Paw Paw consistency ) that can be used on lips , nails , hands or anywhere that needs extra attention ! I really love products that are multi purpose ! The one I have is the Birthday edition and has a little sparkle in it but no colour so can be used even with no make up ! This smells like birthday cake , it is such versatile and fun product , there are 4 other flavours to choose from ( Rose has a subtle pink hue ! ) I can say nothing bad about this and will repurchase for sure !



The second bundle I purchased was from the Glossier beauty line and were two of their best sellers ! The first product was the Boy Brow , this is an eyebrow product that many say is their holy grail eyebrow product , that is pretty high praise so I was curious to see if it lived up to the hype . I got the shade Brown , this is the perfect shade for me and I absolutely loved the small wand , it makes doing your brows so much easier . Would I say it is the best product I have ever used ? No ! It is ok , I would not be rushing out to repurchase it ! The only brow product I ever repurchase is the Rimmel Eye brow gel … I LOVE IT !


The second product is the Haloscope highlighter – This is beautiful ! I got the shade Quartz and it has a beautiful subtle highlight , perfect for a natural make up look ! I find that it is buildable so if I want a more obvious highlight I just build up the product , I apply this with my fingers as I felt when I applied directly from the stick it moved my foundation too much ! This is another product I will be repurchasing and in fact I will also be getting a back up of it ! If you like your highlighter subtle then I highly recommend this product !

The last product I purchased was the cloud paint cream blusher in the shade Buff , this is so beautiful ! I love the shade of this so much , I have been wearing it quite a lot and it gives such a beautiful subtle colour to your cheeks . I apply this with my fingers , you do need to be careful as a lot of product can come out of the packaging . It is really buildable so you can go vey subtle or very out there with it ! This is another product I will be repurchasing and I highly recommend this if you are thinking of purchasing some Glossier products !

All in all I was quite pleasantly surprised by this brand , they are affordable , the packaging is really subtle and the majority of the products are must haves in my make up bag ! It is not often that I can say that 4 out of the 6 products tested are now going to be repurchased ( plus back ups bought ! )


Have any of you tried these before ?


L xx



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