Book Review – Slow at work by Aoife McElwain


In my quest for a more mindful year and also to satisfy my New Years resolution to read more I picked up Slow at Work by Aoife McElwain . I was intrigued by the last few sentences of the blurb I sometimes feel pulled in a million different directions when trying to juggle work , home and friends and I am always trying to find ways to regain the balance .

‘So if you are burnt out , anxious , feel like an imposter or caught in a cycle of procrastination , this life changing book contains all the advice you need to restore your balance and get back on track ‘

This book is divided into Inside and Outside , the inside section deals with all of our internal battles like Imposter syndrome , procrastination and people .The Outside section deals with money ,environment and technology .

I must admit when I read the Imposter chapter of the book  ( From the inside section )I actually thought for a second she had gotten inside my mind as it was so eerily accurate of the place I was in at the moment ! It was slightly comforting knowing that other people do feel this way , we really do pay far too much attention to this inner critic .I had done some reading on this previously and Imposter syndrome seems to be a huge stumbling block for women in particular ( though all the research appeared to have been completed on women by women ?!) which prevents them from going for that better job or even talking about the great work they had done on a project . At the end of each chapter there are five slow notes to self which are so useful and very easy to slot into your life – I particulalry liked the ones at the end of the imposter chapter in particular number 5 ‘Get some notions about yourself ‘ !

The chapter that hit home the most from the Outside section was Technology . I think this is such an important inclusion as we seem to be constantly ‘On’ from working from home and having 24 hour access to our work emails and from the constant that is our phone there appears to be no time to ever fully switch off from the world ! I remember life before smart phones yet now I would struggle to leave my phone at home while I went grocery shopping but seemingly I am not the only one as I have seen many people out for dinner ignoring each other and scrolling blankly through twitter , Instagram and Facebook ! I like the idea of a Digital detox but I am not sure if its a realistic concept when you know … you have to work and all ! However , I do love the idea of stepping back even for a day at the weekend or even a few hours 😉 I will for sure try and embrace number five in the slow notes and leave my phone at home ( I have a think for the number 5 apparently ! )

I really enjoyed this book , it has so many take aways and also it is a book I find myself dipping into every now and then to refresh my mind ! Aoife McElwain has really hit the nail on the head with this book .

Let me know if you have read it and what you thought !

L xx






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