Top 4 Favourites – Hand Creams

I am back with a new mini series this week ! It has been a while since I have done a series like this . I will be doing a top 4 favourites every Friday  everything from beauty , clothing , kids books ! This week I am starting with hand creams .

I have a thing for hand creams , I know, that seems kind of weird but hear me out ! There is nothing worse than dry hands , especially when in the office and the air con has left you dried out ! There is a tube in every handbag I own and I always have one on my desk as well .Every time I see a new hand cream I have not tried I buy it …. it is a problem ha ha My top 4 favourites are a mix of really cheap and some pricer ones that I swear by !

Nuxe – Reve De Miel

The Nuxe range is one of my all time favourites  and I use quite a lot of their products – This hand cream is fab . It is very nourishing without leaving that annoying greasy feel afterwards . It has such a fab scent which always reminds me of holidays ! This is quite expensive ( €12.99 ) but it lasts for a long time so I think it is well worth !


I got a fab Decleor gift set at Christmas from my mam . It included a hand cream that I have truly fallen for . It smells amazing , a little like a Spa . It is so light , not greasy and leaves your hands so soft . It does say it stops the signs of ageing but I am not sure if that claim is true … you know , with me being so young and all 😉 This is another expensive one ( €12.95 ) but again I think it is worth it !


This was a random purchase when I was doing my grocery shopping a few months ago ! I was honestly surprised by this one – It has a lovely delicate scent and is really thick . This leaves my hands so soft and is a great one to have in your bag or your car . Though it is thick it is not greasy which along with the price ( €0.99 ) is a plus !

Original Blends ( Primark / Penneys )

This was another random purchase one day in Penneys / Primark . This has a lovely spring scent ( Rose and Peony ) This is the lightest of the four but still nourishes my skin and leaves it feeling hydrated without feeling greasy ( I obviously hate that greasy feeling ha ha ) . This one resides in my work bag and gets used in the office quite a lot ! Again this is quite cheap (€2.00 ) so you could have a few on the go !

What are your favourite hand creams ? Any that you swear by ?!

L xx



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