My Top 4 – Hair Products


I have a love / hate relationship with my hair ! There are days when I can not get it to sit right , look right and end up sticking it in a pony tail .This is why when I find great styling products I hold on to them for dear life 🙂

CoLab Dry Shampoo

I am not sure if it is just me or do all busy moms love dry shampoo ?! Some days I think this is all that is holding me together 😉 I have tried so many different brands but have fallen in love with CoLab . This is a brand that is a collaboration between beauty experts including Ruth Crilly ( A model recommends ) . I love the way this leaves no white residue on your hair and leaves your hair feeling lightweight unlike some other brands that leave your hair heavy . You can get this in any Boots .

Unique One 

I stumbled across this product years ago and have been using it ever since . I only ever buy the coconut scent as its my favourite scent ever !  This product helps prevents split ends , has UV protection , heat protection , smoothes hair , makes it easier to brush and style ! I spray it on my hair after a shower though you can use it on dry hair on the ends . You can get this in a lot of salons .

Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream

I love this ! I had gotten a sample of this and fell in love ! It is so nourishing as it has argan oil in it . I find that this leaves my hair with a lovely shine and really helps with my frizzy baby hairs that have not grown back nearly 3 years later !! You can buy this in some salons and I have seen it on .

System Professional Reconstructive Elixir

This is a fab product that make your hair soft and gives it a sheen ( do you see a pattern here ! ) . It smells really luxurious as well – It is an oil that you can use on wet or dry hair .This helps you when you brush your hair so it does not pull or tear ! It is on the spendy side at €19.90 – It is worth it as it lasts for ages ! You can get it on Look fantastic  , beauty bay etc

Are there any hair products that you love ?


L xx




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