Advice I would give a new mother

When you are pregnant you have an idea in your mind if how your birth will go , all the baby classes you will attend and all the people you will go visit . What you do not realise is how life changing and hard work it can be dealing with a newborn , the effects of birth and the lack of sleep !

The majority of women keep the hards bits to themselves and instead when visitors start calling they dress up and plaster a smile on their face , running around making tea and ensuring their visitors are taken care off .  I call BS on this . The first few weeks are the hardest weeks of your life , recovery from birth can take some time to heal from , even if you feel ok on the outside you need to remember that you need to heal internally also ! So my first piece of advice is to stay at home , get used to your new way of life and wear your comfiest of clothes ,visitors  can make their own tea and a great visitor will take the baby so you can shower in peace !

When your visitors are gone and it is just you and your beautiful new baby the tiredness kicks in , you have been awake most of the night feeding your baby , changing your baby and trying desperately to get them back to sleep ! I know I have been there  , feeling like you needed matchsticks to prop your eyes open . I used to laugh when I heard people come out with that line sleep when your baby sleeps but you know what that is the best advice you could ever take !  If your lucky enough to have a baby that takes a nap in those first few weeks then grab that chance to get yourself some sleep ! You need to remember that you can not run on empty , you need to sleep to recharge those batteries and if you have toddlers at home and you can not get a nap then please sit down with a cuppa and just rest , kids are great at entertaining themselves .

The last piece of advice I wold give is that nothing lasts forever ! I know that when you are in the throws of a screaming baby , when you feel exhausted and start to think that you are the worst mom on the planet it can be hard to see past that moment . Emilia cried all day every day for 6 months and I genuinely felt like it would never end but you know what ? It did end . You need to go with the moment and keep thinking that this will not last forever , it really is just a phase of life . Houses eventually get cleaned , the tiredness goes and you will find your rhythm ! Take the well meaning advice that every person you meet on the street gives you and dump it , though it might not seem like it at the time , you do know what your doing , you are a great mom and your kids will love you even if your house is a tip ! Oh and FYI you really do not need to go to every baby class that is advertised !

L xx





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