My Top 4 favourite – Kids Bath Products

Never in a million years did I think I would spend so much time choosing kids bath products but since I had my own two I have put way more thought into their skin and haircare than my own !! I hate the thoughts of overloading their skin and hair with chemicals . We have tried a lot of ranges over the last few years some were pretty poor and some have been standby out winners that we use consistently . The two main brands we use  and swear by are Childs Farm and Moo Goo .


Childs Farm – Moisturiser

Emilia has had slight eczema on her legs and tummy since she was a few months old , I had tried a lot of different creams to try and help it .Some would work for a week or two and then it would come back , sometimes worse . I had stumbled across this brand one day in Boots , it was created by a woman who had been searching for a product that would help her own child with their eczema . I have found this fantastic and we have not stopped using it since , there is no scent as such with this  and it leaves their skin so soft . I highly recommend this product ! If you want to try them out you can actually buy a little travel set in some chemists .

Childs Farm – Conditioner 

This is a great product to get tangles out of the kids hair , Emilia has long hair and Noah has quite thick hair so this really helps with brushing it !! I mean the pain of trying to brush knotted kids hair while they squirm is unreal ! The one thing I would say on these hair products is that they are highly scented , I quite like these but if strong scents are not your thing they you will probably hate these .



Moo Goo – Mini Moo Bubbly Wash

This was a recent enough purchase but it will be repurchased ! It is lovely and creamy and creates a lovely bubbly bath , this range is full of the good stuff with no nasties . I find that it leaves the kids skin lovely and soft as well . It is a little on the pricey side BUT this has lasted about 2 months so in my books that is worth it ! I get these in our local Lloyds but they can be found in a lot of chemists around the country .

Moo Goo – Protein Shot

This is a fantastic product for anyone who has kids with curly hair , thick hair or easily knotted hair . It has a beautiful scent (Think Shea Butter )  . This leaves Emilia hair feeling so silky and again it brushes so easily after it ! I actually use this on my own hair as well – This is cheap enough and this tube has lasted us about 4 months .


What kids bath and hair products do you swear by ?


L xx



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