My Top 4 Favourite – Motivational Books

I have really gotten into motivational books over the last while – It changes up my normal reading pile and I take the bits that stand out to me and apply to my every day life ! I know , I know that sounds very airy fairy but trust me , you can learn so much from reading these types of books . There are thousands of titles to choose from and they can cover every aspect of your life . I seem to gear towards business / work type books which I find are full of interesting ideas that can be applied to all aspects of my life not just my work life ! I think sometimes we all need a little help and encouragement to push ourselves that bit harder or make a more determined effort to get things done !



Slow At Work – Aoife McElwain

I have spoken about this book in another post  ( ), I found this book fantastic ! If you are looking for a book that articulates both the internal and external battles that we face on a daily basis  at work , home and ourselves , then this is the book for you . I really love the way Aoife writes and you can really identify with what she is speaking about . I highly recommend this book !

Can be bought in any good book store – I got mine on book depository .


Talk Like Ted – Carmen Gallo

Public speaking is something that makes me shudder , I am great to chat away to small groups but put me in front of a room of strangers and I panic ! Like alot of people I love listening to Ted Talks , I find them so interesting , I love the way the speakers are so animated and engaging plus the range of topics is incredible . When I saw the book Talk Like Ted I knew I would have to have it ! It is a guide to public speaking but not a boring telling you what to do guide but a really engaging book that breaks down some of the most popular Ted Talks and goes through why they are so popular – The top presenters and some researchers are interviewed and they go through the top nine “secrets” of successful presentations . The main take away I got from this book was if you are not excited by the topic then your presentation will not be engaging , which if you think about it is very true , the likes of Obama do this very very well , he is always animated and therefore engaging . I would highly recommend this book , its informative but also very interesting .

I bought this on book depository




Option B – Sheryl Sandberg / Adam Grant

I have written about this book before – It is brilliant . The idea behind it is about what do you do when your option A fails – Whether it is Illness , job loss or some other life changing event some times what you plan out in life has to drastically change and this is where the idea of Option B comes in . I know I never had an option B , I suppose I was naive enough to think that what you would plan in life would just be the way it was but life has a funny way of throwing obstacles in your way . What this book is teaching you is how to build resilience so that you can cope with anything and that you always have another option . There is a great chapter on raising resilient children that I think every parent should read , it is really interesting and makes alot of sense when you think about it .I really love this book and highly recommend you to read it if you need to build yourself back up after a loss of any sort .

I bought this on book depository ( No it is not an ad just a really great place to get books !! )

Why Now Is The Time To Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary V is a guy you either love or hate there is no in between , he is a very intense guy who curses probably more than anyone should BUT I find him really interesting . He grew his parents wine business from $6 million to $30 million , he has become a social media guru and someone many business people turn to for advice on how to grow their businesses . This book talks you through how to turn your passions and real interests into a real working business by harnessing social media .This book would be great for anyone thinking of setting up an online business – Basically he tells you to embrace what you love and work hard , with is common sense really 😉 He has had alot more books on this subject out in recent years , any of them would be a great business handbook .

Again , I bought this on book depository !


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