The 1/2 Acre Field – Toy review


Anyone who knows my kids knows that they are farm , cow and tractor obsessed , not a minute has gone by over the last few weeks where I have not been told to stop what I am doing and look at the John Deere or the calves in the field .  So when I heard about the I jumped at the chance to review the 1/2 acre  field . When this field arrived I barely got time to open the box before they ran off outside to put every toy cow and tractor they had in it !!

The company was created after a Childs simple request for somewhere to graze his toy cows , I find this to be so heartwarming and truly shows that children and their love of imaginative play is at the heart of this Irish business .

To say that this toy was a hit is an actual understatement ! It has been used continously by both kids since it arrived  , it has even made a journey to nanas a few days . I am quite picky when it comes to the toys that I get the kids , I really like to get them toys that are good quality , long wearing and in my house they also have to be robust as my little girl can break just about anything ha ha , so when this arrived I was actually quite pleasently surprised at how good the quality was , the little gate even has a hinge , I mean how realistic is that !! Santa had brought Noah a farmyard for Christmas and this field actually looks like it was made for it so I think it would be great to add this to a farm set up your kids might already have .

Toys like this are just great for imaginative play , Noah is great for this and since this arrived I can see that Emilia is really starting to get into as well .


The Field has a whole range of products that I genuinely think kids would love – This 1/2 acre field retails at €24.99 and I really think its worth every cent !!

*Disclaimer- This product was received for review – As always , all opinions are my own *


L xx


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