D.I.Y Fun – Kids Lego Table !

I watch so many you tube videos and Insta stories from bloggers / vloggers that upcycle furniture  – My two favourites being Catherine from dainty dress diaries (https://www.daintydressdiaries.com ) and Eimear from the two darlings ( http://thetwodarlings.com ) – I really get inspired from watching others and I have so many ideas floating around in my head , the hard part is getting the time to do it all  !! I had an idea in my mind for ages to paint a small IKEA kids table and turn it into a Lego Table for the kids as I was sick of half built lego being all over the floor . I had seen many variations on line but they were working out really expensive ! So armed with some primer , chalk paint and lego plates off I went ! Despite advice to sand painted surfaces first I did not bother sanding the kids table down , now if it was a nicer piece of furniture for my hall etc I would have !

I used Johnstones Primer and chalk paint ( Not an AD !!! ) that I picked up in the range , if you have not been to the range I would totally recommend a visit ! I primed the table and it was very quick process as the table is small , so about 20 minutes – Primer can take some time to dry so better to leave it overnight . Chalk paint is pretty easy to use , I used it on the table as I had wanted a more vintage finish , it dries really quickly and two coats was enough to cover the lurid green !! Now , you should use the wax after the chalk paint has dried as it really does protect the finish but I decided to omit this step from the kids table – Again only because it was going in the kids room and not ever going to be a display piece .

The toughest bit was sticking the Lego plates to the top as the spray glue I used dried super quick and made positioning the plates difficult – I think I would just use the glue gun if I was to do this again – The OCD part of me is freaking out as the plates are off centre but the kids could not care less !! They have already got great use out of a table that had been hardly ever used !

I have loads more up cycling ideas up my sleeve , hopefully I will get them done before the twins arrive !

L xx


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