Body Shaming in pregnancy !

We have all read the articles in the glossy magazines , papers and Instagram , the post that highlight how quickly a celeb lost her baby weight , how slowly another celeb lost her weight and most recently the shaming of Vogue Williams over her bump size ! These articles infuriate me so much , I remember reading commentary from two high profile blogger / vloggers shaming Chiara Ferragni over an Instagram post she shared about how happy she was with her body after having her baby boy , the reason she got so much criticism ? The fact she looked like she never had a baby , she was shamed by grown women who believed she should not be focusing on losing weight  ( they also had issue with her child not being with her and possibly being with a nanny but that is a whole other blog post 😉 ), now , if any of you follow her you will know that she has a small frame and that she is one of those women who slip easily back into their pre baby jeans after birth ( My own mother was one of those ! ) The backlash she received was totally over the top and unnecessary , some of the commentary was that she was going to make other mothers feel bad about their post pregnancy bodies and that she was body shamming others by simply posting a picture of herself looking happy and healthy , I am not sure the irony of body shaming a woman they claimed was body shaming others was obvious to them !

I am not sure what it is about pregnancy that makes a womans body and weight open to discussion , the amount of comments I have received on all of my pregnancies over the size of my bump has been comical and sometimes hurtful ( depending on the hormone level on the day ! ) – The comments on my current twin bump have been downright rude at times , when I point out my due date they can hide the look of horror on their faces until my long suffering husband points out that there are actually twins in there ! Since when is it ok to openly question anything to do with a womans body ? As Giovanni Fletcher rightly pointed out this week , you never have anyone openly say ” oh the size of your nose , has it always been that big ?” so what makes it ok to shame a woman on her bump size or even the lack of a bump ? I really feel that body shaming is body shaming and any commentary on a womans body prior to birth or post birth is really uncalled for . Like women , bumps come in all shapes and sizes and people really need to think about not only the hurt that comes from that comment but the pain that may be behind that bump , the women you criticise and openly shame may have been trying for this baby for many years , may have lost babies , may have eating disorders or struggle with Body image , you are taking away happiness and pride from them a time where they should be thinking about nothing but their precious baby / babies .

I hear so much about women championing other women but there are times I struggle to see that in real life , I do not really read glossy magazines any more because I feel that the pressure piled on women to be degrading and downright disgusting , I fear for the many vulnerable women who get affected by the articles pointing out how big Vogue Williams is and how much weight she has put on in pregnancy . So I have one request , STOP commenting on womens bodies during pregnancy ( and actually just stop commenting on women bodies in general !! )

L xx



  1. July 12, 2018 / 9:22 pm

    Hear hear! It’s mad the things people feel are appropriate to say to and ask pregnant woman! Like ‘oh you’re a lot bigger this time around’ or ‘do you find it hard to shift the weight after’. During a time that our body is doing incredible things, it’s such a pain to have to be dealing with such insensitive comments!!

    • lorrainejhiggins
      July 12, 2018 / 9:24 pm

      Absolutely ! The comments I get are just rude 🙈

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