Frugal Cooking Series – Burrito Bowl and Home Made Tortilla Chips

Burrito bowls have fast become a family favourite ! The joy with these is that you can add or remove anything you or your kids do not like , they are healthy and really easy to throw together ! Some days I throw all the beans in separately other days I use left over chilli and add lettuce , sweetcorn and cheese ! My kids LOVE the beans , which is great as they are such a cheap way of getting protein into their diets .


  1. Mince €3
  2. Peppers .25c
  3. Onion .19c
  4. Mushrooms .19c
  5. Lettuce .49c
  6. Sweetcorn .24c
  7. Lime .30c
  8. Coriander .09c
  9. Paprika .09c
  10. Chilli Flakes .09c
  11. Kidney Beans .29c
  12. Cumin .09c
  13. Cheese .25c


  1. Make Chiili as per your favourite recipe
  2. Add lettuce , cheese sweetcorn , Chilli and Lime wedge to your bowl
  3. Optional –  Guacamole , mixed beans , sour cream

This would be a lovely summer evening meal and you can make this go along way , I always get enough for 3 adults and 2 kids when I make this  (At a cost of €5.60for the entire meal ).

An easy added extra are home made tortilla chips – I seasoned mine with some smoked Achill sea salt which is so good !


L xx

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