Questions about questions … The never ending 4 year old questions !

Ever since Noah turned four I have had a never ending stream of questions – I mean he can honestly sit here and ask continuous questions for a full hour , some days its very entertaining but other days I struggle to answer the same question 10 times .While making his wrap one day he asked 10 questions about the ingredients alone

N: Where does Tuna come from

M: The Sea

N: Is the sea made of water

M: Yes love

N: where does the water come from

M: Rivers , rain

N: What is a river Mom

M: Its a large stream of water love

N: Where does that water come from

(There were more questions about the sweetcorn , cheese , wrap and mayo 😉 )

I really need to brush up on my general knowledge before the “why is the sky blue question ” ha ha ! All jokes aside these questions are a really important developmental tool , at this age they start to question the outside world and are trying to piece together how it all works .I find it fascinating to see how their little minds work  and how they find the most simple things so interesting , which , I think is something we as adults lose ! There are days though that it is never ending and you have to laugh at the constant stream of questions and then I have a little moment of panic when I realise that I will have 3 more kids who will no doubt do the exact same thing !!!

I think these are the little moments that we will all miss when our kids get older .


L xx


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