Frugal Cooking Series – Roasted Tomato and Garlic Soup

We love soup at any time of year and I find that it is a great way if using up left over veg that would in other cases be thrown out ! Emilia actually asked me to make her soup this week which of course I happily did ! This recipe is a tweaked version of a Donal Skehan one that I had come across – I say tweaked as I added different herbs and left out the celery he had in his one as I was out of it  , but it still has bags of flavour and the kids devoured 2 bowls each …. any parent knows that this is a huge win ! In winter I would also make my nanas soda bread to go with it which I have blogged previously –

Ingredients :

  1. Tomatoes – I used 10 in total for this recipe €1.90
  2. Garlic Cloves – I used a whole bulb for this and just scattered them throughout .33c
  3. Olive Oil .10c
  4. Balsamic Vinager – Should have been glaze but all out .10c
  5. Carrots – x 2 .20c
  6. Onion – 1 large .19c
  7. Smoked Sea Salt .09c
  8. pepper .09c
  9. Basil .33c
  10. Chicken Stock – Free ( Had stock made from a chicken dinner in freezer )


Method :

  1. Half or quarter tomatoes (depending on how big they are ) and place on a baking tray , scatter your garlic cloves and olive oil over them , Sprinkle your balsamic vinegar or glaze and season liberally with sea salt and pepper .
  2. Bake in oven for 30 – 40 minutes
  3. While the tomatoes are roasting soften your onions and carrots in a pot  ( I use a little olive oil in the pot ) for about 10 minutes – Season with sea salt and pepper
  4. Once tomatoes are done add to pot with the garlic and basil toss for 5 minutes
  5. Add stock and let simmer for a further 10 minutes to let the flavours mingle
  6. You can add more seasoning if needed and then blitz

What is your favourite soup for using leftover veggies ?


L xx


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