Travelling with small children


We love all sorts of travelling be it day trips , staycations or trips to France and the one thing everyone always asks us is how do ye do it with small kids ? The answer ? We just go , we do not over think it , we do not overly plan outside of accommodation / ferries and we tend to just go with the flow ! The only thing we fail at is the whole getting 2 smallies asleep at a reasonable hour but hey you win some and lose some 😉 I am a firm believer in travelling with kids , I have heard from so many people who just will not do it until their kids are way older but you know what ? You miss out on so much when you let the fear of the unknown win ! Travelling with kids does not have to cost the earth , you can go 10km up the road or a 1000km the distance not destination matter , what really matters is that you showed your kids something new outside of their day to day norm and yes , its still tiring , there is still tantrums but I always think that in a different environment we all relax a little and we all grow a lot !

We always travelled around a lot when we are kids , we must have seen every inch of the country and the memories I have are amazing and I think this spurs me on to install the same memories in my own kids , one of my favourite memories was swimming in the warm summer rain in Mayo or the midgets in Dunloe !


Top Tips :


  1. Relax and go with the flow – There will be about a 100 pee stops so if you are trying to adhere to a really tight schedule you will go mad !
  2. Pack LOADS of car snacks – I usually stock up on breadsticks , rice cakes , raisins , apples and carrots stick tayto snacks from Aldi .
  3. Pack extra drinks for the car 😉
  4. I always bring some home comforts like favourite teddies , book and some small toys .
  5. We are usually in the car super early so the kids will get a good nap ( Sometimes sleep does elude them though ! )
  6. Have fun – They really don’t stay little for too long

I think the phrase ” feel the fear and do it anyway ” applies here 😉 So please , do not put off travelling with your kids , pack your car , take the train , take the ferry just get out and spend time with your kids because at the end of the day all they want is to spend time with you !


L xx

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