What is in my maternity hospital bag – 3rd time around !


When my Dr uttered the words “Have you a hospital bag ready ?” I nearly passed out ! I am 25 weeks but she pointed out that I could be kept at any time and that as the twins will arrive early I should have it all ready to go by now eek . This gave me the kick to at least get my bag sorted ( The twins bag is a whole other story ! )  As this is my 3rd time to pack a bag I think I know the things to take and the things to leave at home by now . As I will be having another section I have to pack more than someone who is have a shorter stay !

Clothing : 

3 x Loose , soft  , dark PJs – I always buy the largest PJs I can get in penneys as I can chuck them if they get ruined in hospital , I need them to go over the section scar as well .

8 x Big dark underwear – When I say big , I mean big (A) You will be swollen and may have a scar , so you need them to be comfy (B) I buy cheap dark ones in penneys as I can chuck them when I get home !

1x Dressing gown – I always get a light dressing gown again in Penneys ( I swear this is not a # ad !) though hospitals can be warm , I like to be able to cover up if going for a walk , I also wear mine over the gown when I walk to theatre ( To save my dignity 😉

1x Slippers – I get backless , slip on slippers as if you have a section you can not be bending down , also , my feet tend to swell after surgery so I do not want to be wrestling with them !!

1x socks – In case you get cold feet 😉

1 x maternity bra

Going home outfit -This can be the outfit you arrived in – Remember , your tummy will still be swollen after birth so a comfy , loose outfit will be needed for going home .

I always have spare stuff at home as well that I can ask J to bring in if needed !


Toiletries :

I separate out my toiletries into two small bags – One for hygiene and one for skincare

Hygiene –





Shower Gel – I do not wash my hair in hospital as I prefer to wait until I get home

Hair ties

Breast pads – Though I am not breastfeeding I have these in my bag as inevitably you will still leak

Skincare :

Body moisturiser

Lip balm

Hand cream


Face mask ( If in for a longer stay ! )

Face moisturiser ( I use samples I get at the beauty counters 😉 )

Facial oil

Face wipes

Antibacterial gel


I tend to pack a lot of moisture products as the hospital really dries out my skin !



*top tip – pack travel size products to save space *



Arnica Tablets – I swear by these for reducing bruising especially after a section

Peppermint Tablets – These are a godsend after having a section as the trapped wind pain in your shoulder area will make you feel like you are having a heart attack !

Phone Charger

Book / Kindle



Notebook and pen – In case you have any questions or even to keep track of last feed / nappy change

Maternity pads

Facial Spray – Again , the ward can be hot and really dry out your skin .


What was your saviour in your bag ?


L xx

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