Listen to them now !

 Four and a half years into my parenting journey and there are days were I still do not know what I am doing and continuously feel like I am winging it ! I used to be so worried that I was not giving the kids everything they needed like toys , activities or holidays , then I had a realisation, all I had to give the kids was my time and attention . Children really need us to be present , listen to their stories and just interact with them ! My kids love for us to play games and sing songs with them every evening , they want to be near us and they want us to play with them all the time , I for one know how difficult it can be to just stop what you are doing and play a game or listen to the same story 5 times all the while the dinner is boiling over or lunches need to be made . Over the last while we have really tried to make the effort to spend some time every week day evening with Noah and Emilia , even 15 minutes makes such a difference and makes them so happy ! I always ask them how their day was when they get in and they chat away to me telling me all about their day while I finish the dinner or sort laundry , this is one of my favourite things to do as I can interact with them and still get things done . For more one on one time we like to read a book , colour a picture or make a jigsaw .I like to think that in years to come they will remember our little chats and that it will also mean that they will talk to us more as teenagers ( I may be being overly hopeful on this one ! ) Our time with our kids is very short and there is a small window of time to build a solid foundation for a great parent / child relationship , one where they trust us enough to tell us when they are in trouble , need help or what is happening in their lives . I really do believe that it is time we all slowed down and made time for those important people in our lives , partners included , though I am not sure if they would like to read a book or colour with you 😉 

How do you make time for your kids every day ? I would love to have you share some new ideas !

L xx


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