Sleep – The great wish of all parents

I remember the heady days pre baby where a lie in would mean double digits on the clock and the only reason we were tired was because we were either jet lagged from holidays or from our late nights out ! Now , we are lucky if we get to 6.30 am without the sound of little feet hitting the floor , and , that is after a long night of feeding babies , fetching drinks for the 3 year old and soothing nightmares ! I swear there is always someone awake in our house and sometimes the nights seem very long . Our days now consist of copious amounts of coffee , half listening to conversations as the other half of our brain is dreaming of 8 hours sleep and the childhood punishment of being sent to bed early has now in fact become our dream situation ! I really think sleep or the lack of is the hardest part of parenting , even harder than teething and defiant three year olds . I have found myself nodding off while waiting for the kettle to boil , who knew it was possible to sleep standing up ! I even put the TV remote in the fridge , tried to pour milk on my dinner instead of into the cup and thought there was a baby in the crib when there wasn’t . On a more serious note lack of sleep can really affect both your mental and emotional state , these effects can be anything from snapping at your partner , losing patience with your kids or even more seriously can exacerbate any mental health issues you may have . The age old advice of sleeping when the baby sleeps in the first few weeks , though hard to implement , is really great advice , housework really can wait ! If you can not sleep when the baby sleeps then please ask someone for support whether it be a grandparent , aunt / uncle or a friend , get them to take the baby for an hour or two so you can rest or they may even take them over night 😉 I have found it hard to get rest during the day with the twins so I go to bed at 8 pm and get a few hours sleep before the onslaught of night feeds , it may sound terrible to you , but this phase will soon pass and then you can stay up as late as you can ( most likely 10 pm ha ha ) So for now the illusive sleep is out of our reach but we will keep going fuelled by coffee and get some down time when we can because before we know it this season will have passed and we will look back and wish we had embraced the good and the bad more .

L xx


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