Family life and the division of parenting – Equal or not ?

I read a Facebook post by the Aussie mom blogger Constance Hall recently ( Disclaimer – I am not her biggest fan … shocking I know ! ) and a line jumped out at me “having a baby is one thing, sharing that baby is a completely different story.” I actually sighed out loud when I read it and did that annoying thing of shouting at the screen , I shouted not all men are like your husband , stop spreading the idea that all men lie in bed all morning and leave the woman do all the work ! I really think that husbands and fathers are getting really bad press recently , from the adverts that jokingly show men recoil in horror at dirty nappies down to the annoying question of “is your husband babysitting tonight ‘ eh no Susan he is parenting actually ! My husband and I share every aspect of parenting , from night feeds to washing the kids clothes , we are an equal partnership in everything we do as a couple , family and in parenthood . My husband balks at the idea that men are not equal when it comes to parenting , housework and in their relationships and really hates when people say ” oh isn’t he as good to be helping out ” in his eyes he is a parent as equal as I am and we are both as good as each other !

Reading through the comments on her post I was actually appalled at the way that women were being treated and equally with the  way that they spoke about their relationships , it was depressing to see such sadness and exasperation at their situations but are the majority of relationships really like this ? Are we really still living in the days of husbands sitting on the sofa watching sport while their wives run around cleaning , cooking and soothing kids ? Are men like my husband really and truly in the minority ?! I always believed that the majority of husbands / partners share everything but after reading those comments it really got me thinking about the division of parenting and life admin .

So I would love to know , how does it work in your home ?

L xx

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