Adapting to your new normal – The newborn bubble AKA 4th trimester

There are many many things that are amazing about having newborns in the house , the little baby noises they make , when they fall asleep with their hands over their heads , their SMELL ( I mean who does not love that smell 😉 ) and my favourite thing of all ?! When they fall asleep on my chest . The 4th trimester is my favourite , I tend to adopt a slower pace and soak every last ounce of newborn goodness in !

Obviously it is not all sunshine and flowers , there is the never ending tiredness , the endless washing , the aches of childbirth and trying to slot yourself back into your old life .That aside , there is a lot to be said for taking things as slow as you can after and really let yourself adjust to your new normal . Things are undoubtedly going to be different once you have another child ( or in our case 2 ! ) suddenly added to your family , dynamics change and it can be hard to juggle the needs of all the kids and adults alike.

This is where the 4th trimester can really help you , it gives you time to find your rhythm and lets you enjoy the newness and gives you time to figure out how everything will slot together . Some new parents spend the first few weeks at home locked away in their own world , just figuring out what works and what doesn’t .I guess what I want to convey is that every family adapts differently but taking it slow and enjoying those first few weeks and months will benefit not only you but also your new baby/ babies and will most definitely benefit any other kids you have.

So my advice to all new parents , take it easy , embrace the chaos and cuddle those babies and yes , it is totally ok to get some time on your own too 😉

L xx


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