Book Review – This Is Going To Hurt – Adam Kay

I read This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay a week before I ended up in hospital before having our twin girls , some people say this was foolish ( he discusses C Sections , a lot ! ) but it was funny and a real eye opener on how the NHS works and to be honest I think this could easily translate to the HSE as well given our current climate of over worked , stretched and stressed front line medical staff ! Adam kept a journal of his day to day cases when he was a Junior Dr , he documented the cases , how he felt and how his own personal relationships were affected by his long hours , cancelled holidays and missed celebrations.

Reading this was really an eye opener into the world of frontline medical staff and while it is a very funny read , it is also heartbreaking and at times it is terrifying as you realise this is real life and not just a work of fiction ! There are huge parallels between the NHS and the HSE and I think it should be mandatory reading for all those in power who think that the medical profession should sit back and be happy with their lot .Adam worked as a junior doctor specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology and he has seen his fair share of funny and tragic moments from items lodged in various orifices to absolutely tragic obstetrics cases .

I read an interview he had done and he had said that the journal was his way of decompressing and dealing with the stress he dealt with every day , I mean 97 hour weeks , moving from hospital to hospital , extortionate parking rates , falling asleep in his car are all huge stresses before he actually dealt with his medical duties ! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I have yet to meet someone who disliked it , so if you are after a funny , but very real book then this one is for you .

Let me know if you have read it .


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