Valentines Day – Yay or Nay ?

Myself and my husband do not celebrate Valentines day , personally we think its a con, another hallmark day designed to make you either feel crap about your life or make you remortgage your house for dinner and roses ! For us , love and romance are a daily occurrence and I don’t mean huge flashing shows of affection or Instagram worthy gifts , I simply mean we try every day to do something for each other . Jonathan does night feeds and I cook dinner . I mean Wife of the year I am not but I really think it is the things that you do  daily for your significant other that mean way more than one showy gesture once a year , I mean if you have to wait for that one day a year for someone to show you that they love you then I really do think you have a problem ! The small gestures in life mean so much more  that  can be a cup of coffee in the mornings after a rough night with kids or chocolate or a take away when they know you need it the most ! I am not judging anyone who splashes out on the 14th but please do not keep your affection for one day a year , life is very short and life is very normal diamonds and roses every day is not a reality for many people , I mean the cost alone would bankrupt you , so little gestures every now and then would be appreciated so much by everyone in your life ! Love should be scattered around like confetti not rationed and kept to yourself , if you love someone tell me , take them for a walk , bring them coffee in bed , let them choose what to watch ( even if it is Man U 😉 ) , babysit for a friend who never gets out , make tea for your neighbour , love and kindness should go hand in hand .

So absolutely , celebrate love but please don’t only celebrate this once a year .


L xx

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