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I love affordable skincare and will willingly spend every last hard earned cent trying out the latest launches ! So it was no shock that when Primark announced a skincare collaboration with the amazing Alex Steinherr last October , I knew instantly that I wanted to try everything , of course things are never that easy and the first drop sold out instantly ( Plus was only stocked in certain stores to test the waters ) So I had to wait a little longer and then buy things a few at a time as they came in ha ha

Who is Alex Steinherr I can hear some of my followers shout , well she is is a beauty Journalist who has done collabs with La Mer and Estee Lauder , She is a lady who really knows her stuff when it comes to skin care ( She is no Caroline Hirons mind you 😉 ) Her look is always easy and sleek , I actually think the packaging for the range actually really mirrors her overall image ! I always mention how much I love the packaging when I talk about this range because it just lovely , so simple , elegant colours and feels more expensive than it is .

I have so much love for this range and so many stand out products that no doubt you have heard me harp on about continuously ! Now disclaimer – I am not a beauty or skin care expert , I use things as I want and what my skin needs at the time 😉

This range is cruelty free , Vegan friendly and costs between €4 – €6 .







I bought three products from this collection to try out as who would not want a bit of extra glow in their skin !

Serum In Cream Moisturiser -This is a lovely light formula that sinks in to your skin instantly . When I use this moisturiser it is mainly under make up ( which sits perfectly on it ! ) It contains Hyaluronic acid which is the best thing you can have in your skin care to be fair . My skin was noticeably softer after using this , I did find this lovely to use on my skin but there are better products within the range .

Facial In A Stick – This is one of the products that I feel I did not get much satisfaction from – It is ok  to leave on your skin as a balm type moisturiser ( you can also use it to remove make up ) but if I am honest it did not hit the mark in the way the rest of her products have . I found it hard to apply as it took a while to warm up on the skin to become moveable .

The Power Mask – I love sheet masks and have used many different ones over the last few years – This one comes in two steps ( an essence and the mask itself ) – There is a lot of product for the price ( €4)  It does leave your skin hydrated and leaves a nice glow , as it is a pretty good price I would use it again – Not for anyone who hates overly wet face masks !!!



Moisture – Locking Everyday Moisturiser – This is a really good every day moisturiser , it is thick but very workable and just melts into the skin . It really hydrates my skin when I wear it and my skin was noticeably softer after just one use . It is packed with the good stuff IE Squalane and peptides . I have worn it under make up with no problems ( Some moisturisers are really rubbish under make up ! ) For the price you can not go wrong ( €5 I think ) .

Supreme Sheet Mask -This is apparently a favourite of Alex so of course I would have to try this one ! Again , this sheet mask had quite a lot of product which is great for the price point (€4) . It was ok to use , left my skin soft but I have used better masks than this .



Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads – This are fantastic and I love them … like seriously ! They have a smooth side and a textured side – The idea is that the textured side sloughs away dead skin cells and improves the skins texture and the smooth side brightens and smooths skin . My skin has felt really good since I started using these and they are definitely gently enough to use every day , I have had no reaction to these what so ever and I use them every morning . They have lactic acid PHA and Niacinamide ( all great skin ingredients )

Oil Free Gel Hydrator -I wasn’t expecting to like this BUT I do ! It makes my skin really soft ( Can you sense the theme here ! ) This is a really light gel and sinks into the skin nearly immediately . It is supposed to shield the skin from environmental aggressors , like car fumes and the like – I obviously can not confirm it does that but it does feel nice on the skin and makes it noticeably softer .

City Mask – This mask was  only €4 but yet came with a little spatula , essence and powder , I think that is pretty good for the price . It is a peel off mask , these types would not be my favourite at all to be honest , its an lovely mask that leaves your skin feeling smooth and calm . It is a lovely mask if peel off is your thing .



Super Detox Clay Face Mask – This is described as a mousse but I think the texture was more clay than mousse to be honest – It dries on the skin in that tight way that clay masks normally do – I am a huge fan of sheet masks as I find them less messy ha ha This mask is supposed to draw out the impurities from your skin , I do think its a nice enough mask to maybe use once a week but I am not sure it had the desired effect on my skin , its a middle of the road mask for me personally ! My skin after each use has been tight and I have had to pop on some hydration , now I know that your skin should feel like after a detox mask but I really do not like that over tight feeling .




This collection is hands down my favourite from the entire range ! I use these products every night and the lip mask in particular is used every day without fail .

Sleeping Face Mask – This is such a fab product , it is like a cooling  ,very light gel that you can use every night before bed or even at home during the day . It is fragrance free which I love as at night I do not want a heavily scented product on my face . The mask contains Chamomile which really helps to calm the skin while you sleep .I always find my skin is so soft and fresh looking , it helps me pretend I have had a full nights sleep !

Every Night Eye Mask – This is another very cooling and light gel , I always apply a tiny bit every night before the sleep mask – I have used this during the day quite a bit as well to help reduce the eye baggage I carry and to be honest it really brings those eye bags down !

Overnight Lip Mask – This is my all time favourite product , I have even bought a back up just in case I can’t get it again ha ha – It leaves my lips super soft and as it has a slight tint I tend to wear it with make up as well ! It is a really thick intensive mask and definitely worth more than the €5 price tag .

So my Stand Out purchases were :

  1. Sleeping Face Mask
  2. Every Night Eye Mask
  3. Overnight Lip Mask
  4. Dual Texture Exfoliating Pads
  5. Moisture Locking Everyday Moisturiser

What are your favourites from the range ?


L xx

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