Leahys Open Farm – Summer Day Trip Idea !

We love a good road trip and are always on the hunt for new things to do with the kids – I had heard so many Cork bloggers on about Leahys Open Farm near Middleton and had it on our very long places to visit list .We have been to many open farms / pet farms and we had a terrible experience at one very popular location in Kildare ( Suffice to say we won’t be returning ! ) so we tend to approach them with caution IE we try not to build up expectations with the kids ! On Mothers day we decided to head off nice and early as the sun was shining and everyone was in a good mood ( well as good as can be with 4 under 5 !! ) we loaded up the car and an hour and 20 minutes later we arrived . The first thing I will say is that the parking is brilliant and plentiful and it is buggy friendly ( there were one or two doors where we had to take one of the baby car seats off of the double buggy to fit through but staff were helpful )


So the basics :

Baby Changing – Yes

Restaurant – Yes

Buggy Access – Yes ( See above )

Reasonable Pricing – Yes

Before we even entered the farm there was squeals of delight from the bigger two when they saw a playground , they spent a good 20 minutes running up and down , climbing , playing in the playhouse ( which has a kitchen ! ) there are picnic benches here so you could give kids a snack or like in our case( if its is not raining ) give baby/babies a feed . Once we had the small ladies settled we headed off towards the farm – the bigger guys and J explored a leprechauns tunnel , before nearly knocking me over to reach the climbing frame , which , we found very impressive and really well maintained ! There is also an obstacle course which suited both the bigger kids abilities – Okay it is not all playgrounds and climbing frames I swear ha ha but the kids loved them so much , Humphrey the camel and the Alpacas were such a huge hit as well ! There is a maze , big drop slide , go kart track and a digger experience  ( €2 per child ) which I literally had to hold the two guys back before they pushed every other child out of their way ha ha There is also a barrel ride but it was closed for lunch by the time we had gotten to it ! If you have an animal lover there are loads of lovely farm animals like newly born lambs , cow who was totally ready to calve , a mommy pig and piglets ( Js favourites ha ha ) chickens , snake , rabbits etc etc If you time it better than we did then you will have to get to the indoor farm for petting time , we spent ages on the climbing frame , diggers etc and missed it but will totally make sure we time it better for the next trip ! There are indoor play areas , museums , crazy golf to try and fit  in as well , so plan on spending 2 to 3 hours at least , I mean we spent nearly 3 hours there without the petting time , barrel train or the indoor soft play area !

We were so surprised about how much there was to do here and how much fun the big kids had , I think the price point makes it very accessable  to larger families and will definitely ensure they sleep well that night ( Win win in my book ! ) For us this is a totally doable day trip and one that we hugely recommend !


Have you been ?


L xx


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