DIY Kids Costume Rail

I do love a bit of DIY and usually will give anything a go , I mean you learn as you go along , right ? I had bought a really basic clothes rail from IKEA with the intention of using it for the kids costumes in the play room , that was until the playroom was turned into Noah room ! So armed with a can of spray paint I decided to pimp up said rail and use it for the twins costumes ( their birthday is Halloween So you can imagine the amount of costumes they will accumulate ! ) I had a very definite colour scheme for the twins room in mind  ( Gold , pale pink and white ) so decided to spray the rails in gold ( and match their IKEA shelves ) and add some fake flowers to the side , which , was easier said than done , there was a lot of trial and error with the flower placement I can tell you !!

I used 1 and a half cans of gold spray paint from Rust-Oleum which was the most recommended brand to use , it gives a lovely finish but we do live in the windiest place in Ireland so there was some spray back from it , so just be mindful of that if you are going to attempt to spray paint !! I gave the rail 2 full sprays to get the colour and finish that I wanted and was so happy with it , this particular shade has a lovely shimmer so gives it a more interesting feel and a colour that isn’t flat .

( P.S Two bloggers I follow that have great DIY tips are and they are way more experienced than I am ha ha )

The whole painting side took 2 days for the two coats and to ensure that it was fully dry , now I had ran out of spray paint as well so it would probably take one full day if you have a  back up can handy . Once dry you can just pop it into whatever room you are using it in or if you want to decorate you can , in this case I added some fake flowers that I picked up in the Range , they were part of a made up bridal bouquet and were pretty cheap . I took the bouquet apart when I got home and after much tooing and froing I ended up tying the flowers on with little cable ties ( @vintagekat helpfully pointed out that a glue gun would not work with metal , so there ya go , a proper DIY tip 😉 )

All in all it is a relatively cheap way of getting something to match the colour scheme of the room and I personally get great satisfaction when I complete a project ( and even more so when it actually looks good 😉 ) – The one bit of advice I would always give is think about the colour scheme that you want or the look you want to achieve before committing , I generally find Pinterest great for this ! The whole theme for the girls room was inspired by a cushion cover I had found on Wish

Have fun with it and I would love you to tag me in any projects that you do !

L xx

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