6 years later – How parenting has changed our marriage

On the 20th June 2013 we got married . We were younger , line free , well rested and arguably more sane than we are now ! Though six years has past us by in the blink of an eye , it still feels like we have been together forever .. A contradiction I know !! When we started off on our journey we had vague plans about starting a family , the when , the how many were never really discussed and we still are little hazy on how we ended up with 4 😉 When you are 1st married everything is soft and glow , you have date nights , weekends away , lie ins and the freedom to watch all your favourite movies over the course of a weekend and not have to move – You discuss holiday plans , nights out and how you can squeeze in another movie at 11pm – The honeymoon period really is that , a blissful bubble of selfishness and excess , no one really to think off but yourselves and €100 on an outfit for the weekend is perfectly ok . Roll on 6 years and 4 kids and things could not be more different , date nights are few and far between , weekends away entail military planning  and 11PM movies are out  unless you are consoling a teething baby . Your discussions have moved away from work gossip , holiday planning and move to how many dirty nappies have they had and did you wash the bottles . Middle of the night arguments are the latest communication tool ( I mean who hasn’t told their partner to do one at 2am when you are rudely awoken by yet another screaming child ! ) Texts message move away from love yous to did you pick up milk but as horrendous as you think this all sounds .. that is just real life ! Before you all go crap they are heading for Splitsville , there are amazing moments , the moments were you look at each other and realise you are in it together , that you really did marry your best friend and deep down you know that you would move heaven and earth for them . They are your person , they are the light of the dawn after a sleepless night , they are your lobster ! Marriage goes through phases just like everything else and through it all , as tough as life gets you ride the waves and thank your lucky stars that you wake up alongside them . I think parenting has made us stronger ( and older and more lined ! ) it has tested us and so far we have passed . The next 6 years of marriage and parenting will no doubt bring more challenges , some good , some bad but I know we will see them through together .


L xx

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