Summer days or crazy days


I recently saw a post on Facebook about how we have only 18 summers with our kids and that we need to enjoy and fill each moment – Ya , I  read that and sighed a lot because at the moment I had read that 3 out of my 4 kids were crying , the cat had gotten in and the dinner was boiling over that moment a simple post made me feel guilty that I wasn’t giving my kids a full , exciting summer ( unless you count getting them to clean their rooms as a fun summer idea 😉 ) To be honest it was only a fleeting moment as I know my kids have a great time (digging holes in the dirt is their latest obsession ) whether I take them on continuous days out or hanging out at home , but it did get me thinking of all the parents who are not in a great place mentally and read these things and think they are the worst parents ever and that their kids are suffering .I think its our responsibility to other parents to tell them the truth , tell them that life can not always be one long fun filled adventure ,every minute of every day can not be filled to the brim ( we all need to have space to just be as well ! ) There will be wet days , crazy days , fun days , mundane days , the trick is to find one moment in every day that leaves a memory , read a 2 minute story , ask them how their little day was , or just sit and watch a cartoon with them , nothing crazy , nothing fancy . I do wish people who put inane pressure on others would just do one ( I wanted to use a stronger word but ya know … ) parenting is full of guilt as it is without adding summer holiday guilt to it as well ! So whether you are jetting off on a month long sejourn or camping out at home , your kids won’t care where they are as long as they can spend time with you , so bag up the guilt and chuck it and for the love of all that is good , do not compare your life to a Facebook meme 😉

L xx

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