Butter bean curry – Simple , filling family meal !

I guess at this time of year there are so many posts , Instagram stories and blog posts all declaring that we need to start prepping meals , lunches and suddenly there are 100s of overly complicated recipes and school lunch boxes flooding our time lines ! I know that this can be overwhelming and to be honest it makes me anxious too ! I mean should I really be cooking 3 course meals and sending gourmet snacks into school ?! I know I am not the only person that does not have time to create these amazing works of art or dinners that take 4 hours ( I mean at weekends I totally would ! ) on a Monday afternoon ! I have looked up so many different easy to cook meals for ideas and I think I have enough to add to my own slow cooker recipes to ensure that we are all well fed and more importantly nourished ! I seemed to have inadvertently veered towards a lot of vegetarian recipes , which , was not on purpose ! This recipe I had stumbled across on an Instagram page called today we cooked and they cook the most amazing vegetarian food , beautifully photographed and just nourishing food , which I think we all could do with ! I am in no way a vegetarian but I do like to eat meat free a few times a week and for full disclosure Noah did protest the first day I served this as there was no meat BUT he ended up eating 2 plate full which is just fantastic ! So I hope you like this one and remember it is pocket friendly , easy and you can add remove what ever ingredients you like , I obviously added because I just can not help myself ha ha

You Need :

Onions ( I use 1 white and half a red if I have one )

Garlic ( I use 4 cloves but you can add less / more )

Ginger ( I use 1 tsp of powdered )

Chilli ( I use 1/2 tsp of dried chilli flakes , adjust this for your own tastes / kids )

Turmeric ( I use 1 tsp )

Cumin ( Again , I use 1 tsp )

Mustard Seeds ( 1 tsp – Optional )

Curry Powder ( 1 Tablespoon – Again this is optional , I have made with just the listed spices and it was equally as tasty ! )

Ground Coriander ( 1 tsp )

Red / Yellow Pepper ( 1/2 of each )

Butter beans ( 2x tins or 1 tin of butter beans and 1 tin of mixed beans – Equally as good ! )

Chopped tomatoes ( 1 tin )

Coconut Milk ( 1 tin )

Fresh Coriander to finish off dish

Method : 

  1. Heat some oil in your pan , add onions , mustard seeds and cook until the onions have that translucent look , then add garlic and veggies , cook until veggies are softened .
  2. Add butter beans or mixed beans and all of your spices to the pan and mix well to ensure that everything is well covered and mixed together , I usually let this cook for 2-3 minutes , stirring to ensure nothing sticks to pan , then add your coconut milk and tomatoes – let this cook on low to medium heat for about 15- 20 minutes , what you want it is for the sauce to be thick but still have some movement
  3. Serve with rice and fresh coriander – We love some naan bread to dip into the sauce in this house and it is a sure fire way of getting kids to eat a bit more !




We serve this to all 4 of the kids ( 5 ,4 and 10 months ) they love it and the twins generally eat it slightly blended with a lot of texture so it is a great weaning food , especially as the beans have a lot of Iron ! You can add spinach , chick peas etc to this as well , basically use what you have !

I really hope you like this and would love if you tagged me when you make it !!

L xx

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