Easy Chicken Fajitas – A family favourite

In my drive to be a bit more conscious of the food we are feeding the 4 kids I have been looking at any meals I cook that I would use a pre made spice mix and see if I can make it myself , I am trying to use less and less preservatives or ingredients that look like they were made in a lab 😉 Trust me , this isn’t me sitting on a high horse , this is me genuinely trying to feed the kids with good nutritious food to the best if my ability ! This Fajita recipe is super easy and really quick and something they all loved ! The kids love a put it together themselves meal , I think they eat more when they do it themselves too !


Ingredients :

3 sliced chicken breasts ( You may need more depending on your family size !! )

1 red pepper sliced

1 large white onion sliced

Mushrooms sliced

1 teaspoon of ground cumin

1 teaspoon of smoked paprika

1/2 teaspoon of dried chilli flakes (Optional )

1 teaspoon of dried coriander ( Or add fresh chopped )

Lime Juice




Method :

1.Add your spices and lime juice to a bowl and mix , add chicken pieces to the bowl and allow to marinade for a few minutes ( You could do longer but lets be honest you will be in a rush and it still tastes great !! )

2.Heat oil in a pan and cook your veggies for 1-2 minutes , then add your chicken mix , cook until chicken is cooked through !!

3. Serve with Tortillas , grated cheese , Jalepenos , tomatoes , relish or any other sides you like !!!


See , simple , quick and delish ! It is really handy to have a mix of dried spices in your press , I find once you have the basics you can really make anything in a rush !


Enjoy and I would love to see your dishes 🙂

L xx

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