Protecting our kids !


Last night I literally stopped what I was doing , listened to 4 kids chat and squabble and actually remembered I made FOUR little Humans .. FOUR ! It is actually amazing what the human body can do and then you start thinking of the worries ,  the worries when you are carrying them , worries when they are 1st home , worries when they start school , this is the stage of the worries we are in currently ! I did start to think about what the future holds for our kids , the world they will grow up in and the new set of worries that we will no doubt face . I have huge fears about the pressures this world will put on their mental health and I feel like I need to arm them with ways to protect themselves and others . I have been putting a lot of focus in recent months on kindness , asking others if they are ok , lending a helping hand if they see someone upset . I feel the need to raise four respectful , kind and open hearted humans , I want them to believe in themselves and I want them to have the courage to stand up for what they believe in . Parenting can be a mine field at the best of times , it can be hard to know what to say , when to say it and how to ensure that we are not overloading them ! I really think that if we put effort into helping people when they are small children then they will grow up with the coping skills needed to help themselves and others , this really should be a community effort , parents , schools and clubs should be able to join forces to help our children from the youngest to the oldest . It would be fantastic if we could give every child a fighting chance when it comes to their mental health and also if we could encourage them to talk to someone , that they know that the door is always open , no judgement , just help . I have read about so many wonderful schemes in various countries and I think that we should look to setting up a group in every small village and town in Ireland , really setting the groundwork for when they are teenagers .

We have been reading some books with the kids to help them understand kindness and mindfulness ( Which is a great skill for any child to have really ! ) Bressie has written  a beautiful book called The Magic Moment , Emilia Grace loves this book so much she has taken it out twice from the library , when she had her wobble at pre school , I reminded her of what the boy in the book did , when Noah feels overwhelmed we get him to focus on deep breaths and this helps him to focus on his breathing , he usually then can work his way through the feelings that were overwhelming to him( We are working on this for when he gets mad at his sister , but eh … that is a work in progress !!!! ) I really hope that we are laying the foundation for their future and that we can do enough now to equip them for when life gets hard .

I would love this to be one less worry for any parent , so lets work together and keep our children happy .

L xx


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